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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What is GigaSize?

GigaSize is a user-friendly service that allows you to transfer, download and store data in an organized and secure manner. You can use GigaSize to upload and share an unlimited number of files with friends, family and colleagues.

Home users typically use GigaSize to upload, download and share their home videos, pictures and other files.

Professional users typically use GigaSize to backup data and share files, such as PowerPoint presentations, financial results, work-related videos, mp3 recordings and other productivity files.

What are the benefits of using GigaSize?

Our site offers a lot of benefits that you cannot find anywhere else:

  • Our service is reliable, simple and quick.
  • Sharing files with your friends is incredibly easy.
  • With our different account options, you never have to worry about the size of your files. What's more, you can send ANY type of files.
  • You can email links to huge files that no email accounts can handle as attachments.
  • The downloadable file cannot be modified or deleted: it remains identical to the one you’ve uploaded. No-one can corrupt your file or exchange it with anyone because our servers are completely secure.
  • With our service, you and your friends can download the desired file from anywhere, at any time, without any obligations.
  • Business users no longer have to contact their IT department to help them put large files on corporate servers. Our simple interface and built-in email function makes it super easy for you to upload your file and our simple email link makes it easy for your clients to download files within seconds.
Who can use GigaSize?

GigaSize is for everyone who wants to share files over the Internet and securely store files in the Cloud. GigaSize is safe, secure and very easy to use, which makes it the ideal solution for all types of computer users. All you need is a computer that is connected to the Internet.

I paid for a Premium account, but I didn't receive my login information. Where is it?

If you already have a free account and you are logged into your account at the time of your purchase, GigaSize will automatically update your account to Premium as soon as you make your payment. Your login credentials will stay the same.

If you are not logged into your free account when you pay for the upgrade, then you should check your email. If your GigaSize and PayPal email addresses are the same, there should be no problems, your account should be credited and your login details will be the same. However, if your GigaSize email is different from the PayPal email you used to make your purchase, a new Premium account will be created for your payment email address and the login credentials will be sent to that email address.

If all your details are correct, but your status is not updated to Premium, try logging out and logging back into your account. This will refresh your account status.

Downloading / Sharing

What type of files can I upload/download on the website?

You can upload and download any type of files.

Can I resume an interrupted download?

Yes, you can resume an interrupted or suspended download if you are a premium account member.

Why is my download speed slow?

Our servers have world-class Internet connectivity so that you should normally have very fast downloads. Contact your Internet service provider to troubleshoot any networking problems. If you are a power user and require an extremely fast download speed to download large files you can sign up for a premium account, which provides you with an even faster access.

What is the maximum amount of file downloads on GigaSize?

Premium Account users have no limit on downloads whatsoever.

Free Center and Free Account users are currently subject to minimal download limits that are reset every 8-10 hours. These download limits are based on your IP address and vary depending on the amount of traffic to GigaSize. Typically these limits are around 200-250 megabytes for the Free Center, and 300-350 megabytes for Free Account users. It should be noted that Free Center users who have exceeded their daily limits and open a Free Account will still be subject to the Free Center limits until the next day. However, if a Free Center or Free Account user upgrades to a Premium Account, daily limits are eliminated. We do not interrupt existing downloads once your limits have been reached. For example, if you are downloading a 1 GB file, we will not interrupt it at the 200-350 megabyte point. You simply will have to wait 8-10 hours to initiate any new downloads.

What is the maximum file size I can upload to GigaSize?

The maximum file size you can upload to GigaSize is 10GB. There is also a download limit for free users, which is 1GB per file. If you need to upload larger files, we suggest you split the file into several 1GB parts using WinRar or similar software and upload the parts to GigaSize. Make sure you create a recovery record as well, so that you can recover broken parts without having to go through the splitting and re-uploading process.

Upload - Storage

Can I browse your website archive?

Unfortunately you cannot browse content uploaded by other users. Most users prefer to keep their files for themselves or share them with friends. Also, to protect privacy and copyrights, it is absolutely impossible and forbidden to acquire files that you do not have the right to.

Can I keep my files confidential?

Of course! We completely respect your privacy. You are the only person who knows the link to your file. You are, however, free to share your file with friends by sending them links to the file.

Premium Account holders have better protection since they can password protect their files

What type of files can be uploaded?

Any file that does not violate our terms of use or laws can be uploaded. Files that violate copyright laws or display pornographic or hateful materials are completely forbidden.

If I enter my e-mail address during file upload, will I receive spam?

You will never receive junk mail from third parties. The only type of e-mails you might receive is regarding updates to our website. In addition to that, we need your e-mail address in case you forget your account password.


What is GigaDrive?

Any GigaSize account member has access to a personal space, which is called GigaDrive. The GigaDrive grants the opportunity to:

  • Manage and store your files: add, delete and organize them.
  • Access your files statistics.
  • Import your Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN and Gmail address book.
  • Exchange your GigaPoints for products and services.
How long are my files stored?

If you are a premium member, there is no storage time limit for your files. You can keep your files for as long as you like until you are ready to delete them. If you uploaded the file using the Free Center, your files will be deleted after 20 days. For Free Account holders, the files will be deleted after 45 days.

What are the advantages of a premium account?

With a premium account, you get the maximum options for the minimal cost:

  • The highest download speed.
  • There is no limit on the number of files or amount of data you can download.
  • You can upload unlimited files, each of which can be up to 2 GB in size.
  • No ads.
  • Various premium features.
I have a free or premium account and your site does not recognise me. Why is this happening?

This is usually a problem related to cookies being blocked by your computer or network. Please ensure that you have cookies enabled on your PC and that your firewall is not blocking cookies. Cookies allow you to navigate through our site by saving your login information when you upload and download files. If you still have problems after enabling cookies, please contact our technical support staff by using the contact form

Download managers

Which download managers are supported?

Our service supports top download managers and download accelerators. Here are some of them:

  • IDM - Internet Download Manager
  • MetaProducts Mass Downloader
  • Orbit Downloader
  • FlashGet
  • Thanks to JDownloader team, JDownloader is now working with GigaSize.
  • and more...

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